The Tea Ladies, Inc.
Bringing the Art of
Victorian & Edwardian
History to Life
  Would you like us to make the tea?

Why of course we can!  We bring the water boilers along with
purified bottled  water and the best tea for your tea party ~ P.G. Tips,
the queen's favorite.  
We promise to steep perfect pots of tea for your guests.
Our charge for this service is $100 for up to 50 guests.
Let The Tea Ladies bring elegant china tea
pots along with silver trivets to rest them on.

Our china teapots (including trivets) may be rented at an additional
cost of $5 per teapot.  

This service is available only to our clients who
have contracted a program with us.  
Above~ Some examples of our China Teapot patterns.
We bring mixed patterns and colors for your tables.